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I received the “Premio di Carierà in the" Indoor "category at the Lucca Biennale International Exhibition!
I am selected one of the finalists for the LUCCA BIENNALE international exhibitiom art 10 ° CARTASIA 2021.
Lucca Biennale is the biggest event in the world of Art and Architecture in Paper, an instrument of art, design, architecture and creativity. The Biennale was born in the city of Lucca, the first paper district in Europe.

https://www.luccabiennale.com/it/ edition-2021/risultati-2021/risultati-indoor-2021

This edition is dedicated to the host country, Japan. During the Biennale I will present the world of Japanese paper in collaboration with the Ino Paper Museum and Moriki paper.

The Biennale starts from 1st August until 26th September 2021!

Joint exhibition

Sunday 9 September 

“Evento Arte e Benessere“

Place: RESIDENZA SAN LEO.  Via Badia montescalari 9   50063  -Figline Valdarno-  Firenze

 pm 15:00-20:00


Esposizione delle opere e laboratorio di Washi-Arte

Saturday 6 October

Place: Cafeteria Chiaro Scuro via Santa Trinita 7 Prato



Saturday -Sunday 13-14 October 

Place: Casa AIL  Piazza Giovanni Meyer n 2 

Informazion: info@iroha.it. (Associazione IROHA)



March 2019

Mostra “Washi-Arte Poesia della carta giapponese ”

Place:Space K TOKYO


March-April 2019 

Exhibition  Meiko Yokoyama and Sou Okazaki

Festival of Azalea in Aki KOCHI

Place:Palace of Goto family