Poem of the Japanese paper  " 和紙 - Arte"

Tradition end innovation

" 和紙 -Arte" is one ward created from the artist mean "art of the Japanese paper".

For realization of the works not use colore to painting,used colore papers selected from the artist directly in Japan.

Every details ( eyes, line of the face,outline or shade) is made only superimposition of the papers,tear to peace and put peaces of papers with glue.

The artist live in Florence attracted to the Renaissance arte,express the her origins and 

Modern idea of art increase her works for backlights to appear the second image,that before hide to my eyes, that offer another mean and beauty to precedence image.

Exactly in  Florence the artist elaborated end realized one new tipe of art that show two images contemporary: one visible and not visibile,one real and one imaginary,two images-bridges between the oriental culture and Occidentals.